Tuesday, August 30, 2005

IPCop: Cop+ Access Denied Display

Just a quick note for Copplus users. I noted today, as I clicked on a link to a page that hit the regular expression filter, that the "Access Denied" page displayed the regular expression itself (with all the naughty words it tests for) as the reason given for the flag. A little less detailed/explicit information for a ban that hits the reg. exp. filter would be much more appropriate in my circumstance. I certainly don't want my kids coming up to me and asking, "Dad, what's ____?" if they accidentally hit a filtered page.

Initially I thought that I would have to edit a Perl script to obtain a less detailed description of why a ban occurs, but the solution is far more simple then going through all that:
  1. In your IPCop web interface, Click the Services tab
  2. Click Content Filter in the selection listed
  3. In the DansGuardian Content Filter Configuration section, Click HTML Template file
  4. Scroll down to this section of the code:
    <p><font face="verdana, arial, sans serif" color="#000000"
    size="2">URL: <a href="-URL-">-URL-</a>

  6. Click the Save button
  7. Click the Return to Configuration button
  8. In the DansGuardian Content Filter Status and Control, Click the Restart button
Now the stated reason in the Access Denied page is: "Banned Regular Expression URL found." Much nicer...

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