Thursday, August 25, 2005

LTSP & Asterisk: Call Center On A Budget

Now here is a project worth noting. Linux Journal has posted an article detailing (as the title indicates), Building a Call Center with LTSP and Soft Phones.

This article discusses the installation and use of the LTSP [Linux Terminal Server Project] build environment to build Qt and KPhone so the staff members could run KPhone locally on their terminals. I do not discuss the installation of Linux or Asterisk here, but I have included the relevant context for KPhone, which resides in the Asterisk sip.conf file...

I know the company I work for would really benefit from such an implementation. I'm certain many more could as well. When software licensing costs more then the workstation you're deploying you know something's not right. With this approach, that software 'tax' is eliminated! Not to mention the fact that all the software maintenance for your workstations is done on one box (the server), not fifty.

[I submitted this blurb to a major tech news site. In the event they don't care to run it, I thought why not put it here? I am a major proponent of the LTSP approach to workstation implementation, K12LTSP being one of my favorite projects. If you have never looked into it, you should.]

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