Saturday, August 27, 2005

A New Cop In Town

[IPCop is a popular Linux firewall distribution. I use it on a Micro-Tel/ Wal-Mart/ Lindows box (remember those from a couple of years back?) with an additional NIC installed (red & green interfaces. No DMZ.). The ipcop firewall addons project allows me to apply Dansguardian content filtering via the firewall for my little home LAN. It is fast and accurate.]

IPCop has released an installation iso and patches to 1.4.6 to take us to 1.4.8. If you use the Addon Server MOD and Copplus you will need to install a new version of Addons. Here is the scoop via addons-news:
26 August 2005

IPCop 1.4.8 is out.

And again the language entries of Addons Server and installed MODs are lost. You have to re-install Addons Server and MODs after 1.4.8 update.

We have a new Addons Server ready for 1.4.8 with the new language feature for addons. This feature will prevent the lang entry lost in next update.

The downloadlink for new Addons Server is:
[Link to download]


I blew up Addon Server/Copplus when I tried to update with the patches directly on my 1.4.6 firewall. I did a full reinstall with the 1.4.8 ISO and used the new Build 2 release of Addons Server. Installed Copplus with it and it's working perfectly. The previous Addon Server build did not work with 1.4.8 for me (hence my bothering to even post this--maybe I can spare someone else a little installation agony).

Good luck!

[Argh! I had a nice write up on this previously and it's gone! Stupid on-line editor! Doh!]

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