Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Thunderbird in Windows 2000

[Making Thunderbird "remember" that it is the default e-mail client.]

Every time I opened Thunderbird it asked me if I wanted it to be the default e-mail client. I would check the Don't Display This Annoying Message Ever Again (well it doesn't say that but...) and click YEEEEEEEES!

The next time I opened Thuderbird again, same inquiry...


What is the problem? I set it as default in Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Internet Options --> Programs Tab --> E-mail & Newsgroups, so what gives? That never changed, why doesn't Thuderbird get it?

The Solution
  1. Right-Click on the Thuderbird shortcut
  2. Select Run As and open the application as Administrator
  3. When the question pops up, check the Don't Display Message... option and click Yes (or OK, whichever options sets it as default).
  4. Close Thunderbird
  5. Open Thunderbird again as yourself (not Admin)
Ta-da! No more annoying message, and you can verify that it is set by going to Tools --> Options --> General and looking in the General Settings section. You should find a check by Use Thunderbird as the default mail application.

If you don't get the same results... Well, I don't know what to tell you. Sorry.

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