Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Balloon Bass

Noticed this today on Music Thing. A guy has made a 'bass guitar' out of balloons. Needless to say I was incredulous at first, but having a listen, the thing doesn't sound half bad. Quite a cool, weird, amazing hack if you ask me.

The balloon bass is a musical instrument comprised of one round balloon and two skinny (twisting) balloons. It is made by using the one non-inflated skinny balloon as a string and the other skinny balloon to create a resonator that connects the string to the round balloon...[it] is a three-and-one-half octave instrument, costs about $0.15 to make, and lasts for about a week--or pops.

See BALLOONBASS.COM for more info...

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AD said...

This is wild! What a cool concept.