Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Studio To Go! Reviewed

Just a quick note today (quite an exception from my usual lengthy ramblings). O'Reilly Digital Media has a pretty good review of Fervent Software's Studio To Go! Indicating both the pros & the cons of this LiveCD Digital Audio Workstation package. I just wished they had posted the results of their trial run with it--a song is worth a thousand reviews?

PS A quick (and possibly inaccurate) look at current pricing for Studio To Go! based on the rate of exchange provided by Google...

Studio to Go! v1.50: £54.99GBP [approx. $102US + Shipping]

Package deal: Studio to Go! v1.50, the Rosegarden Companion book & a USB key: £79.99GBP [approx. $148US + Shipping]

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