Friday, October 21, 2005

An Excel Synthesizer

Here is an interesting concept reported by Music Thing yesterday...

Realtime Fourier synthesis -Sound generation from a spreadsheet. 'The following Excel application will allow you to synthesize sounds. Just play with the sliders and enjoy what is happening.' Certainly a clever and novel use of Excel to play around with, and digital music enthusiasts might actually find some practical use for it too. I just wish it would play sound in Calc 2.0. I thought the downloadable Excel Viewer might do the trick, but I guess it won't run the macros. I tried it on a box with Office 2000 and it worked fine. If anybody figures out how to get the sound working under OOo 2.0 please let me know.

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f3nd3rstr@t said...

I'll need to try this out. I hope my "creative juices" are working this early in the morning.