Tuesday, October 04, 2005

JackLab: OpenSuSE Audio Production Distro

If I'd have blinked I would have missed it...
Recently there is a place to go for musicians and media producers who want to use openSUSE Linux. "JackLab" takes care of the communication between openSUSE users and developers. JackLab would like to stimulate an entrance CD ISO with the help of openSUSE community that contains a complete music production environment.
Yes!!! There it was. At the bottom of the OpenSuSE Documentation page. It looks like my dream is going to become a reality! An installable Digital Audio Workstation distribution based on SuSE! Can I just say this is some really great news?

This project is just starting out, but it appears to have admirable goals and I wish them all the best.
JackLab's principal aim is to watch current software, make recommendations to software packagers, test it, talk about it, offer tutorials and user4user support. Negotiatons about a distribution of these upgrades e.g. with cd-roms as an downloadable image or in magazines have started.
Of course, I hope to participate in testing as the software starts rolling out. I'm wondering if the JackLab folks have contacted the people that put out the SuSE Audio LiveCD. That would be a fine place to start to get the project off the ground and onto my computer! :-)

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