Wednesday, November 30, 2005

You Win Some...

Cool! At least it will be shortly...

I was walking around in an office supply store and came across an Antec 80mm SmartCool fan for $10.39. Double-ball bearing, variable speed, perfect! My joy turned to dismay when it rang up for $20. It turned out they were mislabled on the rack. That $10.39 was for something totally different. I wasn't going to make anything of it but the manager had the cashier sell it to me for the $10. Very nice! How often does that ever happen? Well... for me, not very often at all.

This is ideal since the system fan in the audio workstation sounds like it is dying. This will make an excellent replacement.

You know you're a geek when you post a blog entry because you got a good deal on a case fan! ;-)

(Hey! They also had some good deals on CD & DVD media. Man, I wish DL/DVD+R media would drop in price! 3 discs for $20?! No thanks...)


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