Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Acoustic Melodic Shred Guitar?

Time for a RyG update. Since I first heard of these two, which wasn't long ago at all, they've quickly climbed to the top of my list of favorites--and that simply from their releases on the 'net alone (listed below)!

Their new (self-titled) album is doing phenomenally well abroad, but I have word from their label that it won't be released in the US until September. I couldn't wait so I recently purchased the CD+DVD set from CD WOW! in the UK (very reasonable price and [best of all] free shipping worldwide).

They present the most rocking acoustic guitar I have ever heard. No, it doesn't always sound like rock or heavy guitar, but the vibe & energy is always there in whatever they play. You can feel it when you hear it. Check out this collection of performances available on the net. You'll see what I mean if you haven't checked them out previously:

Rodrigo y Gabriela
Orion (streaming audio)
Tamacun (streaming audio, also here)
Tamacun (Live, streaming video)

Live Manchester and Dublin
Mr. Tang (Live, free MP3)
One/Take 5 (Live, free MP3)

Foc (Free MP3)

Here's more info on the duo taken from a press release for your reading pleasure while you're listening to their remarkable music above:
Rodrigo y Gabriela

New album goes straight into the Irish charts at no 1.
This is a first for an instrumental album.

Rodrigo y Gabriela have reinvented the rules for acoustic guitar. They have reshaped its landscape using lightning speed, dynamic range and irresistible rhythmic invention. Constantly refining and redefining their craft, 2006 sees them rising to meet the challenge of taking their craft to a wider audience and greater artistic acclaim.

The exotic appeal of the R y G sound stems from their unique ethnic background in Mexico, which is at the heart of their success story. First meeting in their late teens in Terra Acida, a Mexican thrash metal band, they enjoyed some local success before a combination of frustration with the insular domestic rock scene and an overwhelming sense of wanderlust brought them to Europe.

Embracing the freedom that traveling with acoustic instruments brings. R y G alighted briefly in Denmark and Spain, before settling on Dublin at the turn of the millennium, following a tip off that it was a good town for visiting musicians. Early gigs in bars and restaurants were supplemented by busking, as they honed their skills on Grafton Street and Temple Bar. Damien Rice was an early fan, and it wasn’t long before they came to the attention of nascent Irish label Rubyworks. A private pressing of their earliest recordings entitled ‘Foc’ was re – recorded and reworked as ‘Re – Foc’ and this hit the stores as Rodrigo y Gabriela’s debut album proper in 2002.

Extensive touring in both Ireland and the UK followed, playing with acts as diverse as Courtney Pine, the Buena Vista Social Club, David Gray and Damien Rice. A sizzling souvenir of this period, the ‘Live Manchester And Dublin’ album surfaced in 2004, and became the first instrumental live album to crack the Irish Top 10.

2005 saw them back out on the road, with further live triumphs at festivals in Ireland and the UK, their first forays into the continental Europe live circuit, and a successful arena tour with David Gray. A writing and demo – ing session in Mexico ensued before settling down with legendary producer John Leckie (Muse, Radiohead, Stone Roses) in the UK to shape the new studio album.

With the release of ‘Rodrigo y Gabriela’; they are satisfied that they have managed to finally capture the raw excitement and energy of their live shows. Showing them as leaders in their field, gleefully blending and blurring musical genres in pursuit to their artistic vision – a direct connection with the hearts and minds of the audience. This album is a special gift to their fans and will hit UK record stores on March 13th.
I personally can't wait for the album to arrive from it's long journey across the seas. I would love it even more if these incredible players would tour the US sometime here in the near future! Acoustic Melodic Shred Guitar? Yep, sounds good to me.

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