Sunday, March 26, 2006

GNX Preset Viewer

Just a quick note for DigiTech GenNeXt (GNX) users. CodeKinesis has some very useful tools available, particularly the On-line Preset Viewer:
Use the GeNetX™ Online Preset Viewer to view and/or print, right from your browser, any preset on file at the DigiTech GeNetX™ Sound Community on DigiTech's web site. You can then enter the patches manually without the use of MIDI. Or, you can print them right from your browser for future reference.
You can pull up community submitted patches as well as the Guitar One & Guitar World magazine patches available for various GNX units. Nice.

There is also a Windows program available as well that lets you browse patches locally. Very cool, very useful.

Coming soon, a review of the MFX Basic Series Supermodels patch set for the GNX2 from MT Prosound & Guitar3456

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