Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bittorrent: Musix LiveCD 0.39

Noticed yesterday on DistroWatch that the Musix team had released a new version of the Musix LiveCD (w/ HDD installer). This is a distribution designed with the audio & recording enthusiasts in mind.

New in Musix 0.39
  • Rosegarden4 1.2.3 (Musix is the first distro with this version, thanks to Silvan and the Rosegarden TEAM!)
  • Xorg 6.9 (thanks Adrian P. for the adaptation)
  • 4 Kernels:
    • (boot from live-cd)
    • (boot from live-cd, with realtime patch)
    • (only works installed in HD, with realtime patch)
    • 2.6.13-1-multimedia (only works installed in HD, with realtime patch)
  • Some general graphics design changes
  • KDE 3.5.1
  • All source code available from
  • eq-xmms-musix modified by Pardo (recommendable)
  • hundred of software packages updated
  • Lots of fixed bugs, and more.
Download Information:


Bittorrent (Linux Tracker Details)

GPG Signature File for the ISO

To obtain the Public Key for this project use the following command line:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 0x5320454D

To check the signature file against the ISO image use the following (when you have both files in the same directory of course):

gpg --verify musix-0.39.iso.sig musix-0.39.iso

I have checked the Linux Tracker torrent iso against the signature file from the FTP site and it is good. Here are the checksums I have calculated fwiw:

0772769d6454be5b49ac300f6d8c9774 musix-0.39.iso

b7048758e19ce65107469501e492e255d3307694 musix-0.39.iso

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