Friday, June 02, 2006

Musix LiveCD 0.40 Released

Distrowatch has the scoop.

Release Notes
Thanks to the support of the Ututo Proyect, FSF, Ourproject, and to the usual collaborators, the Musix project has just released Musix 0.40, whose programs were tested for over 2 months, time that allowed to solve all kind of problems over Musix 0.39, and to make the more relevant software updates.

0.40 can be consider the more stable and functional Musix version until now, and its use is recommendable in the long term. Musix 0.49 will be an extremely updated version, hopping to support new hardware...

Download Information:
GPG Signature File

To obtain the Public Key for this project use the following command line:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 0x5320454D

To check the signature file against the ISO image use the following (when you have both files in the same directory of course):

gpg --verify MusixGNU+Linux-0.40.iso.sig MusixGNU+Linux-0.40.iso

Hash Values derived from the Bittorrent Download

fd6a34b816c7888aa8093c7b2ddfa3983af73580 MusixGNU+Linux-0.40.iso

ee639b5cb68a360a85455c5c9822906b *MusixGNU+Linux-0.40.iso

Updated 2 June 2006: Added hash values.

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