Saturday, June 17, 2006

SCO, Still?!

SCO is like a weed in your garden that just won't die. At first I thought this was a joke but I guess they are at it again.

Get this, SCO is going to release a new version of GNU/Linux?!?!
The SCO Group, Inc... today announced plans to release a new version of it's former OpenLinux franchise in early Q4 2006...

The decision to reanimate the very popular OpenLinux product series was made after it is evident that certain lawsuits regarding UNIX® System intellectual property and contractual rights are to be finished soon. SCO is eager to be the only future provider of Linux Systems for the enterprise market. [emphasis mine]
Guess they must have finally run out of money to pay their lawyers, and I guess MS is not willing to bail them out again to keep the FUD machine alive? IBM should eat them alive when the judgement comes down that they have wasted everyone's time.

Given their shameful history (which if you haven't a clue, head over to Groklaw for enlightenment) this is about as hypocritical a move as they could ever make. Really, I mean in every sense, it's a disgrace, a joke and a slap in the face to all (REAL) GNU/Linux developers.

As we used to say when they were pumping out the FUD at full steam--they are so full of sco it is coming out their ears!

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