Saturday, July 29, 2006

Supermodels For The Digitech GNX

No, not that kind of supermodel. I am talking about a must have addition for every Digitech GNX owner. A patch set of cabinet & amp models & artist presets that will turn your guitar multi-effects system from a neat idea into an actual useful (and useable) musical instrument in it's own right.

Here the producers of this exceptional series give you a glimpse of what it's all about:
What are Supermodels? Not the gorgeous celebs but very close where musicians are concerned. For those familiar with the GNX series units, many of the amp models are average in most opinions. Supermodels are complex warped models that more accurately define the amplifier sample. By taking dozens of electrical snapshots or samples, you get a more accurate representation of the amplifier being modeled, including gain characteristics, Eq, Sustain and Compression..all of which are the amp's identity.

Using state of the art technology and amplifier sampling, these supermodels contain the most extensive amp model library ever created. These are the real live amplifiers most sought after by many and not included in the majority of multiffects units on the market today. With this Supermodel series you will have tones you dreamed about. Yours to enjoy whether you are jamming, recording, or playing live. The experience and rewards from these exceptional models will surpass anything currently available. Fully organized for use. From the most experienced to the beginning musician. These CD's are designed for pure simplicity.
The skeptic will probably dismiss this description as marketing hyperbole out of hand. That would be unfortunate to say the least. Consider my own experience for example. A while back I purchased the GNX2 (which was discontinued shortly after). I had a good time with it initially but soon realized that the factory patches were (for the most part) frankly useless. Was I going to have to upgrade to the recently released GNX3000 to get the amp/cabinet sounds that I was looking for? Or maybe the GT8? I began to search for reviews on both products (as well as other multi-effects systems). That's when I began to find references to the MFX SUPERMODELS. Hands down, every review I read indicated that these patches were indispensible for getting real usability from the GNX series of guitar effects. The potential of the powerful Digitech technology embedded in these devices--amp/cabinet warping and modeling--was not being realized it seems for the average user. The MFX Supermodel series changes everything!

Fortunately for me, the folks at MTProsound developed the MFXBASIC Series Supermodels for us lowly GNX2/3 users. Hundreds of amp models, artist presets, acoustic amps, and bass simulations. Instructions on how to get the most from the set are included and the website provides further information on the art of amp/cabinet modeling. Even video tutorials. The result?

I am keeping my GNX2! The MFXBASIC Series is, in a word, incredible! Here are my initial (and subsequent) reactions to the patch set that I e-mailed to the creators of this exceptional product:
WOW! This is great! Got the disc in the mail today. The patch set is incredible. I have been running through them with headphones for hours. Who thought this [GNX2] could really sound so good? Now I have a LOT to work with instead of maybe the one or two factory presets I had tweaked...

...Many thanks! The modeling is incredible! I'm off to play for a few more minutes with the Deluxe Reverb model. Very nice.

Aside from my initial purchase of the GNX2, your patch set for this device has been the best investment in my 'sound' in years! This is absolutely NOT an exaggeration. I have (almost always) hated the 'tone' of my current amp [Fender, Deluxe 85 (solid state noise)] since the day I traded my old one in... Man, what a mistake that was...

...I have told my friends that you could (and maybe should) charge MUCH more for your work. I sincerely hope that it has been worth your time & energy. I know it has benefited me greatly. Initially, I had barely two or three factory patches to work with (which was more then I had before I bought it, I'll admit). Now this thing is "for real" and I can hang out with the "cool kids!"...

IMHO, DigiTech should hire you (period). You made their GNX2... a very worthwhile & useful musical tool...
I have had the patches for months and haven't begun to exhaust the possibilities. The tonality and musicality are simply brilliant. At only $60 this is a amazing bargain, well worth every penny and then some. GNX2/3 users can order the basic set here.

Last night as I was working on a song and I thought I have to help get the word out to GNX users about these products! They have made all the difference for me. If I had a GNX4 or GNX3000, the first thing I would do would be to order the Ultimate Series Supermodels set (GNX3000 information here). Thousands of quality presets for $115? Don't even think about it. Just order it!

MTProsound has turned the technological marvel of the Digitech into art.

One final note. It is evident that the folks at MTProsound love what they do. When I e-mailed a couple of questions for them, Mike was quick to respond, courteous and very helpful. Not only have they produced a valuable resource for guitarists but their dedication and professionalism is quite apparent.

You can literally hear it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bust The Rust!

I usually sweat a bit when playing guitar. Corrosion builds up pretty quickly on the strings as a result. Our local luthier pointed us to a product that would help resolve this problem without fear of damage to the finish or fretboard. It's called DeoxIT D5 Power Booster.

The can touts that it "cleans, enhances, lubricates & protects electrical connections (Treatment for All Metal Surfaces)". They should also promote it as a string/fretboard cleaner! This stuff works wonders! A quick spray along the strings, wipe them off and it's amazing! Almost like having a new set of strings, except these are already stretched.

I haven't put a new set of strings on in months. I play pretty intensely nearly every day. It may be related or not, but I also haven't had any of them break on me either.

This stuff is pricey, but a little dab will do you--as they say. I've had the same 5oz can for months. I've used it on all my guitars.

Of course your mileage may vary, but if you haven't tried this stuff, dump those silicon based "products" and get a can of this stuff. It's the best tip I've gotten on guitar care in ages.