Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Upgrade The Flashlight You Love To Hate

What can you do? The Mini-Maglite is almost a necessity to have around in many industries. I use mine constantly. We must have about five of them around the house.

However I have always had a few gripes with them. One, the batteries drain far too quickly. Two, the light isn't very bright to begin with. Three, the bulbs burn out too fast.

Again, what can you do? Well, my friends, now we can do something about these annoyances. For about $5-$10US you can get a conversion kit from a company called Nite Ize that adds three nice & bright LEDs to the flashlight in place of the single (weak) lamp, and a convenient on-off switch to the back of the flashlight.

I'm betting the LEDs will outlive the flashlights, and the need to change batteries will diminish immensely. Very cool.

Cheesy (but effective) image from
the Nite Ize product detail page.

Yes, there are a mass of new LED flashlights on the market now, but why spend $30 or more on a new one when (believe me) this $5 conversion kit will do the job just as well in comparable instances. I love it.

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