Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Identify Your Hardware With Linux

I wanted to find out if the old mainboard I am using for my little file server supported USB 2.0 and not a measly 1.1--let's keep that USB drive (used to back up the server) flying along as fast as possible, eh?

Came across this thread which lead me to the answer. I could now get the needed information without shutting down the box, opening it up and hopefully finding the model number so I could google up the answers, etc. etc.

No GUI app need apply, I wanted a command line solution. Here are some options I found:

lspci -vv or sudo lspci -vv

But the really cool one is:

sudo lshw

That shows you just about everything you could want regarding your hardware. I found out what model mainboard I am running and the USB info I was looking for...