Monday, September 15, 2008

Reviewer's Notes

I always feel trepidation when it comes to "reviewing" someone else's work. Music particularly.

If I throw out my thoughts about the songs on an album should each song be compared against the others on that particular album or should they be viewed individually without reference to the others? On my last review here (Out of It), I did the first--stacking each song up against the others on the album. How would it come out using the other method without that kind of comparison? I tend to think that I would have generalized that they were all very well done and that I liked all of them. The fact is though, I liked some better then others, and I think that's OK.

It's all totally subjective anyway. And what's worse is the fact that an opinion can change from one day to the next depending on the mood you're in and how a song hits you at a particular moment. That's the nature of the art form I suppose.

Not that my opionion amounts to anything anyway, but since I have the temerity to put something up for anyone in the world to see, I want to reflect my view (at that moment) accurately. I mean, it's easy if an album is really lame--you can say that in one line! LOL But when you get something of quality and you're trying to quantify it, it's not so cut & dry.

One liners would be a lot easier in either case but probably not very helpful:
  • This album rocks, you'll love it!
  • This album is hideous, don't waste your time!

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