Saturday, July 04, 2009

String Hang

Ping... Ping... Ping...

Every time I hit the bar on my Super Strat I could hear the strings hanging up somewhere and making that awful pinging noise. I had a graphite nut installed in the neck a long time ago with the hope that it would help with whammy tuning with the stock bar—but even today with the Planet Waves locking tuners and the Wilkinson tremolo it was making that noise.

I sprayed on some GC Electronics De-Ox-Id at the bridge and nut and problem solved. The only problem I have is, how is it going to react with the graphite nut? I hope I didn't cause more problems then I solved today.

July 6, 2009
Hmm, that didn't last too long. The annoying ping came back. I will have to try something else. Graphite powder? I don't know. "Google is [my] your friend..."

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