Wednesday, September 21, 2005

6GB Of RAM And I Can't Use Any Of It

This is such a shame. What I thought was a great deal of good fortune has turned into a bit of an expensive nightmare. I recently came into 6 x 1GB sticks of PC133; 3.3v; ECC; Registered RAM. I knew this was server RAM for older boxes, but I couldn't resist. Now I am (at the moment) stuck with it. You see, unfortunately, I have no system that can use ECC and/or Registered RAM. I can't find anyone who wants or needs it locally so far. I am having difficulties even locating mainboards that can use it. It appears that in short order I am going to have to put it on eBay and hope for the best (or at the least recoup my losses). There has to be somebody out there who can use this!

What a shame though. I was really hoping that at least one of my systems could use it. A nice 4GB box would have been great!

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