Saturday, October 01, 2005

Music Collection

Near the beginning of September I began archiving our CD collection to OGG Vorbis files. I figured I'd be done with it fairly quickly--in fact I had posted that I was about a third of the way done. Ha! Was I ever wrong. I can't even say that I am that close today! Here's what I have done so far (according to Winamp):

1024 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:57 Estimated playlist length: 67 hours 40 minutes 5 seconds

I had no idea we had so many CD's1, 4.82GB worth so far. I still have a few of K's box sets to do and then-some!

I have been converting the tracks to a OGG quality 5 setting (~160kbps) which is near CD quality. At least, they sound pretty good to me anyway. The obvious beauty of it all is instant access to your music collection (no hunting for the CD's, no swapping them in your drive, etc.). Start your player and set it to shuffle the songs and just enjoy. Another cool thing about working this project, I didn't realize we had such a diverse collection of music. Nice. You never know who or what you will hear next. This is going to be great for the kids. I don't want them getting stuck on one genre, they need to hear it all.

And to think of all the CD's I sold to places like CDExchange years ago! Who knows how big our collection would have been if I'd kept them...

1Mind you, these are ALL legit CD's we've purchased over the years. If an artist wants to give away their work under a Creative Commons type license, that's cool. Some of them want to be paid, I respect that as well.

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