Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I was recently listening to the Magnatune New Age Radio Mix (New Age?!) and an amazing song came on. Was it guitar or keyboards or what? I had to find out...

It turned out to be hammered dulcimer played by Jamie Janover. Very cool. Notably different from what I have heard previously in my (very) limited exposure to this instrument. Well structured compositions. Very "world" sounding. Intricate melodic changes weave in & out as Janover employs a wide range of dynamics, rythyms and percussive methods--displaying impressive skill & technique. It's quite easy to find yourself captivated as you follow the complexities of a piece. The compositions are interesting & intriguing. Yet the ambient rhythmic nature in the manner in which Janover employs the instrument can be quite relaxing at the same time, striking a nice balance for the listener.

Sometimes it's worth it to take a look outside your musical comfort zone. You don't know what you might find.

Janover's works available from Magnatune:

PS FWIW, I have made a little web button for Magnatune fans. Magnatune: We Are Not Evil Feel free to copy/use it on your own site as you wish.

[Updated 2 November 2005: Changes made to the review.]

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