Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dvorak Gets Creative Commons After All

Back in July John Dvorak blasted the Creative Commons concept calling it 'Eye-rolling dumb...' His cristicisms regarding CC were themselves quickly & soundly obliterated by the community at large. Recently, (as we learn from the blog Corante) Dvorak has had a change of heart regarding Creative Commons work and apparently now he gets it.

Note, he's not admitting that his original piece was wrong however, in fact he states:
My column was never wrong, my column was questioning...I was saying, "I don't get it, will somebody explain it to me, please?" Yeah, [Larry Lessig] explained it. I finally got my explanation. Sometimes you've got to go public with bafflement, which I do...He's doing fine. You don't need my help.
Funny, he sounded pretty certain about his conclusions when I read his original opinion piece on the matter. Judge for yourself...

As the Corante post points out, the Creative Commons organization needs our individual support (see the Corante post and you will find out why this is necessary). Please consider a donation if you find their work useful as a consumer or content producer.


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