Saturday, November 12, 2005

Identify An AMD Athlon XP CPU

I wanted to verify the maximum die temperature for the Athlon XP 2000+ I have in the audio PC (see my previous post). I did NOT want to have to remove the heatsink/fan to get the OPN (the AMD Ordering Part Number) off the chip. A laborious search turned up a utility called Central Brain Identifier. This app looks very similar to the CPU-Z utility, except CBI returned the OPN whereas CPU-Z did not.

CBI identified the OPN of my processor as AXDA2000DUT3C. The AMD Processor Recognition PDF decodes this information for us. The third character from the right (the 'T') indicates the maximum die temperature for the CPU in question. And, it is in fact 90ÂșC as I had determined last night from other documents.

With the Central Brain Identifier utility & the AMD document, it should be quite simple to accurately identify your Athlon XP processor should the need arise.

Other utilities of interest along these lines can be found at AMD and Major Geeks. This Techspot thread was helpful in locating the correct combination of documentation & software.

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Phil B said...

Thanks for the links - hadn't heard of CBI or the AMD links before.