Monday, December 12, 2005

Linux: Drop In AD & Exchange Replacement?

Am I missing something?

I check DistroWatch every day or so and I see new GNU/Linux distributions coming out all the time. It seems to me the majority of these new distros really don't add much value over what is already available. That's not always the case, some new distros bring functionality to the table that either wasn't readily available previously or wasn't easily implemented before. A lot of these distros come as LiveCDs (a la Knoppix) with options to install to HDD. That's fine, let them keep coming. Choice is a great thing, but (community) support is also a great thing. Dilute the pool too much and the soup gets pretty bland I would think...

That's not really my gripe or whatever. No, my desire is for some innovative group(s) to come up with the drop in distro (a la LiveCD + HDD install option with support & updates) that employs OpenLDAP directory & authentication with Samba functionality in an easy-to-administer all in one distribution (See Idealx). Add to that calendaring and Exchange-like functionality (again, with easy to use, easy to administer abilities) and you win the day. Where is this product? All of these pieces are available separately, why haven't they come together into a powerhouse server distribution?

Maybe it is already out there and I just don't know it? If it is, please let me and the rest of the world in on the secret. Thanks! :-)


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