Wednesday, February 22, 2006

GNX2: Amp & Cabinet Modeling

Wow, this is cool. I really didn't pay any attention to this feature for a long time. So tonight, for the first time, I tried the Warp feature on my GNX2. You pick two amps and two cabinets you want to blend, and then use the Warp function to mesh them together in varying degrees to create entirely new tones--a new 'HyperModel' as they call it. It's really quite interesting. You're basically creating tonal models of amps & cabinets that don't even exist. I'm amazed at what this thing can do. Yeah, some things it doesn't do so very well, but other things are quite revolutionary (in my little world anyway). I can't imagine what you can do with their latest offering, the GNX3000! That thing must be incredible! I'm almost afraid to try it, I'd be sure to walk out the door with it, and at this point I don't think my wallet would appreciate that...

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