Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shredding Prodigy

This is an interesting clip from Google Video. Apparently it's an 8-year old located in Russia (or so it would appear from the banner in the background), that has developed some pretty amazing guitar technique. Whoever said "shred is dead" didn't bother telling this kid! Sure, there is definitely more to music then simply playing ninety miles per hour, still, having the chops to play whatever you want could sure lead to some interesting avenues of musical endeavor over time. Let's hope he keeps up the good work!

I don't know why but I am reminded of a couple other guys with some impressive skills as well, despite the physical challenges they face:

A bassist, Bill Clements, who despite the loss of one arm has continued playing--developing an interesting style all his own. The other is a blind guitarist, Hiroaki Tagawa. His technique is employed over the top of the guitar neck similar to Jeff Healey (remember him?) except that he plays standing (whereas Healey played the Strat on his lap). Tagawa seems to be a very well rounded player. Solid rhythms and melodic leads.

These video clips are each interesting & inspirational vignettes of some very unique players. Enjoy!

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