Monday, June 19, 2006

Review: Damone, Out Here All Night

A totally rocking, fun, well-produced CD that harkens back to elements & style in rock music that have been missing for years. All sorts of great aspects from '80s rock without the silly posing.

You should buy this disc.
  1. Now Is The Time -
  2. Out Here All Night -
  3. What We Came Here For -
    (Yeah man! Now THAT is what I'm talkin' about!)
  4. Stabbed In The Heart -
    (Bryan Adams LIVES!!!!!)
  5. On Your Speakers -
    (lame - Ashlee Simpson lives :-(
  6. Get Up & Go -
  7. Outta My Way -
    (The PERFECT Poison clone in 2006!)
  8. You're The One -
    (Nice '80s sound. "...fade into the black..."?)
  9. New Change of Heart -
    (Where have I heard that trill lick before? Oh my, of course! It's Journey!!)
  10. When You Live -
    (Break out your lighters if ya have 'em. "...everything fades to black" yet again?? You know they must be dying to do a cover of that song--two references on one album? Anyway, nice ballad.)
  11. Tonight -
    (Fun & Rockin'!)
  12. Wasted Years -
    (This version of the classic Maiden tune has really grown on me. A closer listen to the arrangement has changed my mind on the ochestral tracks. It's really well done.)
Perfect discs are few and far between for me. Overall, after playing this CD in the car for a month or so I can definitively give it a very respectable Four Warmoths, it ROCKS!

Is this a cool shot or what? Dude reminds me of Cliff Burton.


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