Saturday, October 21, 2006

PostScript & GIMP For Windows

Setting up Print to PostScript & the option to open these files for editing with GIMP in Windows 2000.

Download and install the current versions of GTK+, GIMP, and GPL GhostScript for Windows.

Set up a Print to File PostScript printer driver
  1. Start --> Settings --> Printers --> Add Printer
  2. Click Next in the Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard dialog box
  3. Select Local Printer. Clear the checkmark in the Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer
  4. Click Next
  5. Select Use the following port and choose FILE: in the list under that option in the Select the Printer Port dialog box
  6. Click Next
  7. In the Add Printer Wizard dialog box under Manufacturers select HP
  8. In the Printers field in the same dialog box select HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS
  9. Click Next
  10. In the Name Your Printer dialog box enter PS Printer in the Printer Name field
  11. Select No for the Do you want your Windows-based programs to use this printer as the default print? option
  12. Select Do not share this printer in the Printer Sharing dialog box
  13. Click Next
  14. In the Print Test Page dialog box Select No
  15. Click Next
  16. Click Finish in the Completing the Add Printer Wizard

Set the GS_PROG environment variable
  1. Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> System
  2. In the System Properties dialog box select the Advanced tab
  3. Click the Environment Variables button
  4. Click New in the User variables for username section
  5. Enter GS_PROG in the Variable Name field in the New User Variable dialog box
  6. Enter C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.54\bin\gswin32c.exe in the Variable Value field in the New User Variable dialog box (if you installed GhostScript in the default location, otherwise modify this value as needed)

  7. Click OK --> OK --> OK to save the settings and close the System Properties dialog

You are now ready to print to PostScript and open the resulting file for editing with Gimp!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for advice on adding PS to GIMP - it worked even on Vista!