Saturday, December 29, 2007

CESLA Uniform Project

CESLA is the Coalition for Educational and Scientific Literacy Assistance.
[Their] mission is to aid children of educationally disenfranchised rural populations. The advancement of critical thinking principles and problem solving techniques is encouraged. An emphasis is placed on the promotion of hands-on science centers and museums as an intermediary to the communication of science and technology... The ultimate aim of this organization is the advancement of rural learners into science and technology careers.

To further promote child education advocacy, an emphasis will be placed on AIDS and substance abuse awareness, early childhood development, as well as general health care and vaccinations.
The Uniform Project
Why Uniforms?

In South Africa, all state schools and most private schools school uniforms are compulsory. The concept of school uniform is believed to serve two purposes - to instill a sense of belonging and pride in the school and also to eliminate any idea of competition in the matter of personal dress. Most schools have very precise requirements and every school issues a uniform list which covers all items from general day-today wear (often including shoes) to more specialized sports wear and equipment...

South African Education
It is estimated that well more than half the adults in KwaZulu-Natal are unemployed, with the figures being much higher in the vast rural areas of this province. Additionally, HIV/AIDS transmission rates here are the highest in the world! According to Dawie Bosch, a South African child-rights advocate, " the context of HIV/AIDS, things are possibly -- and probably -- getting worse for children,"

The reality is, these orphans and vulnerable children are being denied hope, because they can not purchase uniforms or school supplies to attend school!!! One of CESLA's goals is to provide at-risk children access to education and basic resources like food and school uniforms.

This is a very worthy cause. Please consider a donation to the project (links are towards the bottom of the page).

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