Monday, August 01, 2005

The BIG Book of Guitars

A quick review of Totally Guitar: The Definitive Guide

Image courtesy of Advantage Publishers Group

A friend and fellow guitarist lent me this book recently and I was so thoroughly impressed I ordered my own copy the same night! From what makes a guitar a guitar, guitar history, amps and effects, set-ups to playing styles--—I do believe this tome has it all. Thousands of photos of guitars, guitar accessories, players, you name it. I am starting to wonder, "“if it isn't in here, did it ever really exist?”"

The in-depth articles on guitar care, maintenance and set-up alone are very informative, useful, and in my (limited) experience dead on accurate. I have two other books on building and customizing solid body guitars, and I've read dozens of articles and tips on the subject. The treatment of this subject is first rate, including tips from some of the premier luthiers in the world.

For the electric guitar fanatic, the profiles and histories of over one hundred major guitar manufacturers and the various models they produced is fascinating, entertaining, and even sometimes bizarre. The Gibson and Fender models are in there of course, but you will also find some of the strangest creations ever to be labeled "guitar"”. (You have to wonder what some of these guys were thinking.)

This large format hardcover book is no knock-off. It is over 600 pages, well laid out and filled with photos, playing examples, tips, insights and information of all kinds. If you are into guitars Totally Guitar is totally for you. Find it on Froogle and order your copy today, you'll love it!

Totally Guitar: The Definitive Guide; Edited by Dave Hunter & Tony Bacon; Thunder Bay Press (October 2004); ISBN: 1592231993

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