Friday, August 26, 2005

Gripe: OS Installs Compared

You know what is really starting to annoy me? Windows Operating System reloads for home users. It takes for-freakin'-ever! I can drop the latest Linux distros in and have them loaded up in no time at all, with (mind you) a full complement of applications of all sorts. With the Windows OS loads, you get to load the OS, apply updates (rebooting almost every single time), install security tools (anti-virus, firewall, adware/spyware removal apps, Firefox, Java, Flash & Shockwave, Thuderbird, OOo, Acrobat Reader, Winzip, DirectX, MS Core Fonts--thank goodness there are excellent free use versions of these for home users!!!!). Only then are you confident enough to turn the box over to the home user to install productivity & other apps (cringe. Pleeeeease don't blow it up, it took me forever to load!). It take hours, even on faster machines! Disgusting. 1 am and I am still loading/rebooting/loading. I should be almost done with the box I am currently working on, but I think some drivers are missing...

This box had a bad PSU so I will let the new one burn in overnight. I had to mod the case. It was the same dimensions as the old unit but the plug & vent holes were the long side instead of the short. This box is old. 366 Celeron. 4GB HDD. TNT or Riva video card. I added 64MB of RAM to give it a little boost (it's got 128MB total in it now).

The things we do for our buddies. :-)

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