Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Damone: An iTunes Promo That Worked!

Every once in a while on a friend's suggestion I will download the iTunes freebie of the week. Such was the case a few weeks ago...

Mostly, I have remained unimpressed (unfortunately). Finally though, something caught my ear. It was Damone's Out Here All Night.

Frankly, it rocked!

Next, I believe I heard the acoustic version of Out Here All Night--which in it's own right (properly equalized, etc.) should be released as it's own single, IMHO. It's stunning. I haven't felt that way about any 'new' music in a while--Rodrigo y Gabriela being the UNDENIABLE exception.

It did not take me long to find many of Damone's other (streaming/legal) offerings in the wild.

Most all of them rang "true" to my ear--meaning they sound like authentic songs from an authentic band--meaning--if you do not know what that means you need to start listening to music that was produced [at the very least] prior to the nineties. That will be as gracious as I can get for today kids. (Oh get over it! We all have to look to the past to grasp our future--figure that out now and maybe you will enjoy life quite a bit more later, ok? Find some old Led Zep while you still can, huh?)

Out Here All Night (I could'a, should'a, would'a wrote that! It ROCKS! The bridge (guitar) CRUNCH sounds reeeeeally nice! The breaks are right on. 'Dude, this song totally rocks man. Yeah, I know a chick is singing, but dude listen!... ' I can just hear it (circa 1980-something)! LOL, all the way to the bank with Damone! ROCK ON! YEAH! And, BTW this 'chick' is going to kick your butt while she's at it... Get this, she can ACTUALLY sing ROCK! :-)

What We Came Here For (guitar harmonies with the double-bass kickin' makes me smile!)

Now Is The Time (it doesn't get much more 80's rock for me then this, aside from the fact that the production is better! What did you all do, steal your parents LPs? :-)

On Your Speakers (weeeeeeak. What happened? Yes, the production is still there but man this is a weak song, sorry... Lita Ford and/or Bruce Dickinson would not be amused. I know I wasn't. Advice, FWIW: Do not play to the Jessica/Ashley Simpson crowd, pleeeeeease! It will NOT resonate with... anyone. You ROCK. Don't forget it. That doesn't mean you can't write a ballad of sorts--just make it rock while you are at it.)

So, ok, there is the review of a few of songs that I've heard so far. What did I do?

I bought the CD today online (Best Buy $6.99! ). I'll pick it up tomorrow, and at this point I am certain it will be a nice addition to my collection.

Sometimes internet marketing actually works. In this case the iTunes freebie worked as intended (although I'm sure they would rather you bought the whole album from them instead of elsewhere). In my case all of the recent purchases in music have come from finds on the internet.

Island Records has a winner with this one I believe. The band sounds great, the songs are fun, and it rocks!

Update: I have CD in hand. Mostly really cool rock. Some weaker material towards the middle of the album though. I had to laugh, Outta My Way has to be the tribute song of all time (if there ever were such a thing) to Poison. I was never a Poison fan myself, but I have to say Damone nails their particular style dead on in that song.

Their redition of Iron Maiden's Wasted Years is interesting. I will have to give it a few more listens though. Overall I think the album is well done and brings some elements back that we haven't heard in quite a while. It may sound like a contradiction but that is really refreshing. 3½ - 4 Warmoths at least.

Another reviewer had this to say, I think it sums it all up:
If Damone focuses there is no reason why they can't be very successful hard rock band. Their arena rock chops are there, but the mellow stuff creates a big distraction... Drop the Hatfield, add just a little more Hetfield and those questions will answer themselves.

Updated 24 May 2006: Condensed & quick review of the actual CD added. Larger album cover image added.
Updated 27 May 2006: Full album review added.
Updated 28 May 2006: Minor edits.
Updated 17 June 2006: Revised album review.
Updated 19 June 2006: Full album review gets it's own post--It just makes sense...

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