Monday, May 29, 2006

Metallica: Post Some Kind of Monster

I have to say: seeing & hearing the live stuff that Metallica has done on their St. Anger tour (and beyond), I have to think they are absolutely at the top of their game. If they were an NBA team, I would say that they are hitting on all cylinders and going to take the title for sure.

To be sure, St. Anger was an extreme departure from anything that they had done before, no question about it. To my (guitarist) mind though, it also contained some of the coolest riffs they've done since ...And Justice For All. The lyrics? Well, certainly some of it came across sounding like they were spilling their guts out for all to witness (just like the movie)--for better or worse. I'm sure the kids that jumped on that 'tallica bandwagon when the Black album came out were suitably annoyed at this post-AlternicA awakening. No doubt many of them decided to drop them like a rock...

Oh well...

At any rate, they look & sound as good live as they ever have in their career. Hetfield actually looks like he's enjoying himself up there as opposed to wanting to kick the ass of the latest idiot to throw a water bottle on stage.

Yep. They are at the top of their game and I certainly expect them to "take it all" with their next album. I guarantee they will if they'll just let Kirk solo again! ;-)

If I could have my wish, it will be an amalgamation of the RtL + MoP sound & energy + the sophistication of arrangements found on ... And Justice For All. If nothing else at least give me a 2000-era version of RtL! 80's graphics and all notwithstanding! Hey, what do ya want, I am old school :-)


Anonymous said...

I think Some Kind of Monster showed their real side. Yeah, the bass player left, but they got another even better. I though it was cool that they played at the prison.
St. Anger showed their more agressive side while being sober and indicated that they are capable of putting together an album that has class, cool riffs. I still remember the Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightening days. Even their Black album had some good stuff on it that I liked. Do they evolve or stay caught in the loop? That's for them to decide and for use to either enjoy or to reject.

chronicon said...

...Yeah, the bass player left, but they got another even better.

Why doesn't Jason Newstead get any respect? He is a great player, and brings a huge presence on-stage. I wish he'd never have had to leave the band myself. I think he would've really enjoyed this stage of the band's career now more then ever. But that is not to be...

Robert Trujillo is very cool from what I have seen, and I don't think they could have asked for anyone better to step in after Jason departed. His energy and playing is right up there where they need it to be. I hope he has a long and enjoyable career with Metallica. Thus far though all we have heard/seen from him is live stuff of material before his time in the band. So, it will be interesting to hear what he brings to the table on the songwriting front on their upcoming album. I think it's going to be something amazing.

Do they evolve or stay caught in the loop? That's for them to decide and for use to either enjoy or to reject.

Of course. They've always done what they wanted whether it was acceptable to anyone else or not.

I'm not sure what you took from my original post but I definitely wasn't putting them down in any way. Fans of any band have hopes and expectations for each new release. The suprise is the fun part--even if you end up hating it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jason went and did his own project and ended playing for Ozzy - a step down in my opinion. Robert came from Ozzy and stepped up to Metallica. Good decision. I remember seeing all of that is "Some Kind of Monster." I think the "Monster" was something unique for each of them. Each had to face something individually or collectively. Total respect for James Hetfied - working only 4 hours a day then choosing to spend time with his fam. Cool! Yeah, Metallica will do their own thing, blaze thier own trail and move on.